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Join us as we instill the same life-changing disciplines for success to the next generation of martial artists

Since our very first day of operations, it has been an honor for everyone at MyDojo Martial Arts to teach the ways of Wad-Ryu to all of our students. Throughout the years we have seen an immeasurable amount of growth and prosperity in the lives of all of our students who have decided to dedicate themselves to self-improvement, fitness, and overall mastery over the course of their lives. If you feel as we do, and have the drive to work with us to improve the lives of all of our (and potentially you're) students, then apply today for one of our available positions.


Certified Instructor

MyDojo Martial Arts has openings all over the country for instructors to teach martial arts to our students nationwide. If you’re interested in running your own studio alongside MyDojo Martial Arts and are ready to follow our curriculum of certified fitness classes grounded in the philosophy of martial arts, then apply today for an opening at a location near you! All of our instructors will be taken through a certification course to not only teach our curriculum but to serve as honorable practitioners of Martial Arts.

Supporting Staff

Every member of the MyDojo Martial Arts team is respected and appreciated. We could not continue to expand and operate at all of our current and growing number of locations across this great country without the help of our supporting staff. Tending to matters such as the enrollment of new students, and day to day needs of the studio, our supporting staff is the backbone that holds this great organization upright. Apply today for a position in a location near you!

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Now is a great time to start...

MyDojo Martial Arts is a growing company dedicated to providing fitness training oriented in the disciplines of Wado-Ryu, Muay Thai, San Shou, and Jujitsu. It has been our great pleasure to teach the necessary life skills for greater success to not just children and adolescents, but adults all across this great nation. What was once just another dojo for young adults to come and learn the disciplines of self-mastery and respect has become a nationwide powerhouse expanding to numerous locations all across the United States. With our curriculum focused on fitness and health, we have created the means to guide our students to healthier lifestyles through physical training while remaining rooted in our background in martial arts. This unique combination of functional fitness courses and the philosophy of Martial Arts taught in each of our locations by all of our certified instructors provides a one-of-a-kind experience for all of our students nationwide. If this sounds like something that you feel a connection to and would like to be a part of then apply for one of our open positions today!

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