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Mydojo Teens


Discipline & Respect  (Ages 13-17)

Most teens see the value of things and realize that active fitness will improve their quality of life. And yet, school schedules, homework, leisure and academics prevent most teens from achieving their fitness goals. Martial arts aid in developing the body physically and mentally. Not only do you learn how to defend yourself but here is just a few benefits of training in martial arts. 

1. Muscular Development 
Tones and builds muscle strength while improving your appearance 

2. Cardiovascular Conditioning 
​Strengthens your heart and lungs while increasing your daily energy level and burning calories

3. Flexibility
Reduces the chance of injury and keeps you feeling young and agile 


FREE Uniform with Enrollment


Q. Can I compete in a tournament?

A. Yes.  After training in martial arts for a couple of months, you will have the opportunity to participate in local and regional tournaments.

Q. Will we break boards or bricks?

Yes. The breaking of bricks and boards are just a test of your speed, power and accuracy.​  This is done in intermediate training.

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