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MyDojo Kickboxing


Power Through It!

If running is your exercise of choice, you can choose to do a little less if you wanted to add additional strength training a few more times a week. You will soon discover that you feel stronger on your runs. If your exercise of choice is weight lifting, you increase your workout amount or actual weight and you soon discover that your muscle form and definition will be more pronounced. Doing one or the other is simply one-sided and always leaves you with the choice of “this” or “that”. At 9 Martial Arts & Kickboxing, you get both: A Cardio Vascular and Resistance Workout … in the same session!


Kickboxing is an energetic, high impact alternative to your weekly or everyday routine at the gym. Not only will you develop new fitness skills, but you will also learn a few fundamental techniques to defend yourself.


Get A FREE pair of gloves

with enrollment.



You'll begin your session with a warm up, and do intermittent stretching throughout your workout.

Bag work

Intense arm and leg resistance training on our heavybags. Guaranteed to give you a fun and challenging workout.

partner drills

Partner up and get engaged with your partner on agility drills.

cool down

Cool down through-out your workout. If you ever need to take a break... we understand.

kickboxing FAQ's

Q. Is Kickboxing for beginners?

A. Yes. Mydojo Martial Arts & Kickboxing offers Both Martial Arts & Kickboxing for beginners and advanced practitioners, each individual trains at their own pace. The Instructors will never give you anything that you can't handle and closely monitor your training.

Q. How long are the classes?

Classes are typically 60 minutes long.

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