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Dragon KIDS

Small is the new strong (Ages 6-12)

Mydojo Martial Arts Dragon Kids is the perfect way to give your kids confidence and improve their self-discipline.

Our program teaches your child the life skills of self-defense, which can help them feel more at ease while facing the challenges of growing up. We use a combination of proven karate techniques and self-defense training while maintaining an emphasis on safety and fun to keep your child feeling challenged but also, calm and secure. 

​​Our Program is designed to not only be a physical workout but one that will strengthen your child's mind as well.

​We focus on traits like concentration, self-respect, and respect for others. These traits will develop and strengthen as your child works through our martial arts program. Our Program fosters this growth by working with each child, at their own pace, in a positive and disciplined environment. 

​​Working through our Martial Arts Program you will notice that your child will show improved stress management, be less inclined to suffer ADD symptoms, and show a well-developed sense of respect for themselves and others. This program is truly designed to improve your child's life!



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Q. Will Other Kids beat me up?

A. No. Martial arts is not about fighting but rather learning techniques under supervised instruction.

Q. Can I attend more than 2 times per week?

We encourage extra training, however, you should check with the instructor before doing so.

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